A Setting for Two

One of this week’s bible study blog themes is a setting for two.  Where do you spend time alone with God?  Well for me it’s more like, where do I not spend time alone with God?  I sit with him at the dining room table in the mornings as I work on my goal to read the Bible all the way through one time and then he share’s my breakfast with me while I review my Bible Study email as well as others.  He shares my daily walks with the dogs.  He drives to work with me each morning.  He’s in my bedroom as I listen to contemporary worship music in the mornings and at night as I go to sleep.  He’s even with me at work as I walk the docks or sit at my desk.  But as I believe we all need to meet him on our knees at times, he’s also in the small closet at work.  You see around each morning between 8:30-9, the sun is positioned just right to shine in to that window in the small closet by the employee fridge.  If I sit there on my knees with the sun shining on me, I can feel God’s warmth and there I will sit.  See I rarely can do it at home because the dogs just assume that it is their time and if needed it can work at other times but it’s best during those sunny moments when ever thing else is quiet. But wherever and whenever, whether routine or unexpected (like this morning, it could come with an extra two hours due to the schools starting late due to extreme fog) take that time with God for that really is the best way to stop worrying.

3 responses to “A Setting for Two

  1. I love the imagery of being with God everywhere and in every small things. I love finding joy in each minute of blessing God has bestowed upon me. Thanks for sharing Cheryl!

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