All Your Heart part 2

So what does it mean to love with all your heart? Well if you’ve been around a while you know that most people put varying levels of effort, personal investment and commitment in to the relationships in their lives. You have had those times where you have given all you had, done everything in hopes of pleasing that person, longed for and treasured the time and experiences you had together and desperately never wanted it to end. Then there have been those times where you were in a relationship but guarded due to past hurts. Or you got some benefit out of the relationship without having to give much back in return. Or it was convenient, easy and familiar but not your hearts true desire.

The Bible doesn’t mention giving all your heart over and over because God wants us to have a relationship with Him when it’s easy for us or when it suits our needs. No, God wants the all in, desperate to please, fully committed relationship that we save for when we truly, deeply love with all our hearts. He knows when you are holding back and He knows when you are letting that type of love interfere with your relationship with God. In the book that we are reading for Online Bible Study “What Happens When Women Say Yes to God”, Lysa TerKeurst says after sharing a story in her life – “God is not interested in half of our heart. He wants it all, and He wants to remove the things that stand in the way of that.” There is that “all” word again! Yes, God wants us all in our relationship with him. All our heart.

The topic of church sermons this month has been “The God Who Pursues”. The first week focused on God’s covenant with us and his commitment to a relationship with us. How he pursues us. How he gives us the freedom to accept or refuse his attempts to be with us. The second week went deeper in to that offer of a relationship.

All messages from God with his hand out waiting for a response, are you ALL in?

And as I’m learning my correct response when God asks should always be “Yes God”.


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